A personalised lift service

We specialise in providing a personalised lift service to clients who prefer to speak to knowledgeable professionals equipped to answer their questions

All RISE Lifts team members receive regular training and undergo development reviews, giving them the latest skills required to provide an exemplary service

Solving clients’ lift problems since 1998

For years, property managers and building owners seeking a lift company they can wholly rely upon have been faced with an easy choice: RISE Lifts. We are not a recently set-up operation, tentatively feeling our way, hoping for the best… Quite the opposite. The roots of our company run deep, and our reputation for excellence and rock-solid reliability is fully forged.

Fusing unmatched expertise with total professionalism, at every level, allows us to unashamedly boast a 99 per cent retention rate of our clientbase year on year. Unquestionably, our clients know that they are utilising the services of a quality-driven and dependable company, with their best interests at heart, every time courteous RISE Lifts engineers enter their building.

RISE Lifts – KEY FACTS about the personalised service we offer

  • Our owners and executive staff share combined experience of over 50 years in the Lift Industry.

  • Our technicians are trained to NVQ level, meaning that they have been taught in the best industry educational program available.

  • We service every industry sector: COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL, RETAIL, EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, HOSPITALITY and many more.

  • Our employees can work on any manufacturer’s equipment with belief, confident in the knowledge that the company has the resources to enable them to do so.

  • We are celebrated as being wonderfully ‘hands on’ and accessible to our clients, always giving 100 per cent in everything that we do, performing maintenance to the highest industry standards.

  • Communication is one of our strengths – all clients are kept informed throughout.

  • With us as your service partner, look forward to fewer problems and less downtime of your lift.

Every client is our “most important”

However large or small our clients, and whatever the complexity of the help they need, all are treated the same – with equal importance and attention, ensuring that all clients’ needs are fully met.

How can we help YOU?

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