Avoid the cost of complete lift renewal!

From total lift replacement and upgrading to minor cosmetic or mechanical changes.

Time for an upgrade?

With everything else you have on your plate in managing your building(s) and the people there; do you really need the stress of arranging and project managing a lift upgrade or modernisation from start to finish? RISE Lifts can handle the entire process for you: from planning and budgeting through to finalising design and project completion, with all works carried out strictly in accordance with code of compliance and quality standards.

Simply get in touch with one of our friendly team today, to start any of the following processes:

  • Complete lift (or escalator) replacement
  • Cosmetic cab upgrades
  • Hydraulic replacements
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Entrance recladding

As well as:

  • Door replacements
  • Door equipment upgrades
  • Fixture upgrades


  • Any other particular requirements (not listed here) that you currently have.

Even well-maintained lifts have a life expectancy

If you demand the best from a lift upgrade or well-specified modernisation, RISE Lifts can deliver. With a track record of success and customer satisfaction stretching back many years, RISE Lifts has the personnel and equipment to handle each upgrade and modernisation project with the necessary confidence.

As well as aesthetic improvement and greater reliability, lift upgrading or modernising (over complete renewal) carried out by industry experts can mean.

  • PEACE OF MIND knowing that the flow of people and goods through your building is first-class

  • Maintenance minimised

  • Lift downtime vastly decreased

  • Reduced floor-to-floor travel times

  • Extended serviceable life of equipment

  • Added value to your property

And, by opting for an upgrade or modernisation that has Eco-efficiency built-in, feel good that you are acting responsibly towards our planet, whilst simultaneously providing staff and visitors with improved passenger confidence and satisfaction.

Get in touch now to arrange a FREE SURVEY or any other enquiry.